I finished moving into the new house earlier this week after spending the day in London with an old friend cycling about. I love this place. It’s much better than the flat shares in London. Flats lack a decent living room and garden space but this house surpasses further with a conservatory which, provides a great place to dry clothes and potential growing of indoor plants like tomatoes. Also, listening to the radio with the light and heat flowing into the kitchen and conservatory is wonderful. What makes the experience even more fulfilling is hanging around with my housemates. At the moment there’s not too much to do so I’m still just settling in and finding my feet in this new town. So far we’re just waiting for one more housemate to move in at the start of next month but for the time being, everyone appears to have either full/part-time jobs until studies begin.

I’ve been scouting around the internet for the different sports clubs and bike shops before Fresher’s Fayre and attending a couple of badminton sessions – met the President of UoS Badminton Club.

A lot of walking has been done this last week. It’s about 20 minutes to the Clinical Research Centre where I’m taking part in some vaccine studies. The centre of town is about 30 minutes walk. This is taking it’s toll on my shoes and I desperately need to find a decent bike!


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