I am finishing my PhD in Mechanical Engineering working on new forms of bistable composite structure for spacecraft applications within the Department of Mechanical Engineering Sciences and Surrey Space Centre at the University of Surrey.

I am also a private tutor of Physics and Maths (most commonly A-Level) through UK Tutors. I obtained my MSc in Space Science & Engineering from University College London and a BSc Astrophysics from Aberystwyth University.

Research Interests

  • Bistable composite materials
  • Deployable structures for small satellites
  • Helical antennas
  • Commercial applications of research


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G. Knott, A. Suliga and A. Viquerat (2017). Deployable Parabolic Sail Structure for Solar Photon Thrusters. 4th International Symposium on Solar Sailing, Kyoto, Japan [PDF]

C. Wu, G. Knott and A. Viquerat (2016). Dynamics of Curved Bistable Reeled Composites. 14th European Conference on Spacecraft Structures, Materials and Environmental Testing, Toulouse, France [PDF]

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